I AM Conference

I AM Conference coming to Central Florida soon!
Be sure to be a part of this epic event!

Planned Workshops:

Beauty is Skin Deep (Self-Esteem, Confidence and Peer Pressure)

Teenagers deal with self-esteem on a daily basis. They perform best in school and extra-curricular activities when they have a positive self-image of themselves. In this workshop, teens will discuss the effects of peer pressure and learn methods on how to have better self-esteem about themselves and gain the necessary confidence needed to survive in this dog-eat-dog world.

What College Wants My Mind? (Getting in College/University and Succeeding)

Everyday young people are asking the question… what do I need to get into your college or university? Many young people don’t have the resources and information about college, such as entrance requirements, college visits and the application process. This discussion will give teens the knowledge, motivation and confidence to begin the college process and be successful.

Do you like me? YES or NO! (Exploring Relationships, Sexuality and Violence)

This workshop is designed to help young people establish and maintain healthy relationships and friendships. Most of the discussion will focus around responsibility and self-control, avoiding unwanted pregnancy, STDs and instead developing good relationship skills. An emphasis will be placed on abstaining from sexual intercourse until marriage.

Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Other Social Media Pages… What Do My Pages Say About Me? (Internet Decorum)

This workshop is designed to teach people about the dangers of the Internet and how to protect you online. Individuals will learn about the potential pitfalls and implications of what they post online and how easy it is for a life — theirs or someone else’s — to be damaged because of the comments and/or photos posted online.

Listen… I Have Something to Say! (Effective Public Communication)

The power of persuasion that is clear, concise and powerful. Individuals will learn how to handle awkward questions, make a strong impression and present yourself in a professional manner. The moderator of this workshop will help people create a comfortable disposition in front of an audience and help increase their confidence and comfort levels when speaking with others and/or giving a presentation.

I Want That Job! (Dressing for the job you want, not the job you have)

This workshop is designed to give people the tools needed to get the competitive edge in today’s job market.