Maximize the Moment!

“We are the people that we have been waiting for and no one else is coming.” T.D. Jakes.

Every day we have the opportunity to seize the moment… the question is: what are you doing with your moment? Have you ever missed an opportunity because you felt stuck with immobility and fear? Have you ever wondered how to develop the leader inside of you? Have you ever wanted to give up, but something inside kept telling you to keep going? If you answered yes this presentation is for you!

“Maximize the Moment!” is a Signature Talk appropriate for Middle, High School, College, Employee Groups and Church Organizations.

Charting Your Course!

A presentation designed to help you overcome obstacles and seize the opportunity. This engaging, enlightening, educational presentation will help you think differently about how you overcome obstacles, set goals and finish ahead of the pack!

“Charting your Course” is a Signature Talk appropriate for Middle, High School, College and Student Athletics.

Dare to Be Great!

Have you ever been told you will not make it? Have you ever been overlooked? Have you ever been told this is the end of the road for you? Have you been told that you are not the right fit? This presentation will allow Deric to give you his real-life story on how he took the words of his distractors and made their words the deciding factor on how he would and will be great. This presentation is guaranteed to leave an indelible imprint on your life that will inspire you to Dare to be Great!

“Dare to Be Great” is a Signature Talk appropriate for Elementary, Middle, High School, College, Educators, Parents, Professional Employees, Church Groups and Political Organizations.

Getting off the Blocks!

Have you ever been in a race, basketball game, football game, tennis match, swim meet, soccer game, volleyball game or any other sport and it appears that you are going to lose or there is no way you can come back. If that is you or your group let Deric show you how it might seem impossible to win, but guess what YOU WILL!

“Getting off the Blocks!” is a Signature Talk appropriate for Student Athletics and Coaches.

Be the Architect of You!

How often have you lived your life, created projects, come up with ideas and realized that you don’t have any “Blue Prints” for a successful product? If that sounds familiar… then this presentation and/or workshop is designed specifically for you!

Let The Messenger help you create “Blue Prints” for your life that will provide you with the tools to accomplish all of your dreams. This presentation will help you draft your “Blue Prints,” lay the foundation and submit them for approval!

“Be the Architect of You!” is a Signature Talk appropriate for: Middle and High School, Civic Groups, Corporate Groups, Parents, Educators, Mentors, City Governments, Charter Schools and Individual Coaching Sessions.